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***TRAINING SEASON 2017/2018***

***WELCOME TO MIND SIGHT FIREARMS TRAINING 2017/2018 TRAINING SEASON!!!*** This training season we are very pleased to offer more than MN Permit to Carry. NEW THIS SEASON - MN Permit to Carry RENEWAL COMBO CLASS, an accelerated version of MN PTC for people needing to renew their MN PTC along with a more in-depth skills portion. ***Also, we now offer FLORIDA Reciprocity packets. As always, when registering for any class, PLEASE include your full FIRST and LAST name. We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming class this training season. ***Thank you for choosing Mind Sight Firearms Training, we sincerely appreciate your business!

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Date: 10/7/2017, 9:00AM to 5:00PM Course ID: 1005_1141
Seats: 10 Open: 6
NEW CLASS ***PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE DESCRIPTION*** This accelerated class is geared toward any current MN Permit to Carry holder who chooses to renew their MN Permit to Carry (maximum of 1 year past expiration date). This is NOT designed as an initial MN Permit to Carry class. Persons who want to renew their Permit MUST show proof of current or expired permit and matching I.D. upon check-in. NO EXCEPTIONS. Depending on how much you choose to shoot, students can bring between 50 to 200 rounds of ammunition and their pistol. (No steel ammunition, please). ***Students may use their carry method (holster, purse etc. during the range portion of this class). The range portion of this class will consist of “skill builder” drills based on the balance of speed and accuracy, ultimately, all drills are done with the safety of every shooter while on the firing line. Additionally, students wishing to acquire their Florida Concealed Firearm License may purchase the instructional packet the day of class for ($40). Targets included, Eye and Ear protection available for use the day of class. Groupon NOT valid with this class.
Location: SCALE Regional Public Safety Training Facility
Address: 17706 Valley View Dr, Jordan, 290 55352
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Date: 10/21/2017, 9:00AM to 5:00PM Course ID: 1005_1144
Seats: 20 Open: 16
*PLEASE READ all information below!* This course will cover all necessary curriculum required by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) to apply for a MN Permit to Carry (a.k.a. Concealed Carry). Students will learn Situational Awareness, review basic handgun skills and discuss legal and moral issues surrounding personal handgun use. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion; students will need to file appropriate paperwork through their local county sheriff's department. We encourage students to bring a handgun they have trained with or own, if possible. **Please bring your own lunch and/or snacks, as we do not break formally for lunch. Students are permitted to eat in class. Indoor Classroom Teaching begins at 9:00 am and ends at approximately 4:00 pm. Immediately following this class, each student must complete the Range portion of the class on the Semi-enclosed Outdoor Gun range at the same location.
Location: SCALE Public Safety Training Facility
Address: 17706 Valley View Dr., Jordan, MN 55352
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Date: 10/28/2017, 9:00AM to 5:00PM Course ID: 1005_1143
Course: AR15/M4 Essentials Fee: $120
Seats: 10 Open: 10
NEW CLASS ***PLEASE READ ALL THIS INFORMATION*** In this class, students will learn essential skills with their AR-15/M-4 rifle on a 25 yards range, not long distance shooting. Students are asked to come to class with a positive mindset and attitude, their own semi-automatic rifle, the willingness to learn, an understanding of their own limitations, their own eye and ear protection and up to 300 rounds of quality ammunition. This course will include a safety brief, anatomy of the rifle, loading and unloading, zeroing of the rifle, balance of speed and accuracy, malfunctions drills, acceptable movement drills, if appropriate. Students should have a working knowledge of their rifle, optics, and a functional single-point sling is highly encouraged. Students are encouraged to bring a lunch and water with them to this approximate 8-hour class. NO steel ammunition please.
Location: SCALE Regional Public Safety Training Facility
Address: 17706 Valley View Dr., Jordan, 290 55352
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